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2017 - time to make changes? or embrace the original you?

Its been an eventful 2016 in so many ways as we've been faced with upheavals and huge changes not only in the political world but also in the music and fashion spheres, losing trend setting music legends Bowie, Prince and George Michael who in their own style not only influenced the music industry but equally created a whole fashion movement in their wake. They will be greatly missed by so many around the world.

In the fashion editorial world Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, passed away aged just 66 in Milan, having spent nearly 30 years at the helm of arguably the most influential fashion magazine in our lifetimes, revered by fashion designers, photographers, stylists, celebrities and models alike - the pinnacle of their careers being to appear on its pages.  

We've seen the climax of celebrity models almost completely eclipse all other naturally eye-catching souls attempting to secure a fashion or beauty break - now it seems you not only need to be beautiful and well contoured to be a successful model, you must be part of a family of models, have a momager, million+ instagram and twitter followers, A-lister boyfriend and preferably a reality TV show to boot (sigh, can't we see more of the original "perfect = imperfect beauty" models like the stunningly curvaceous Sophie Dahl, the statuesque Erin O' Connor and the fierce and feline Stella Tenant in our glossies again)? They were just so real in an ethereal sort of way that is!

With the unrelenting world domination of the selfie showing no signs of slowing down, and social media creating more and more apps for us to filter even our better selves, is it any wonder some of the less self secure in our society yearn for a more artificial kind of perfection in the way they look and live that may achieve more Likes from their "friends" as they addictively scroll through their twitter, Insta and FB feeds.  

Surely all this can only create feelings of dissatisfaction with the way we are rather than celebrating our natural individualism...its a worrying world we are growing old in so here's hoping that 2017 will be the year of a new breed of heros and heroines to grace our magazines, social media pages and TV's, exhibiting real and meaningful talents for us to follow and aspire to and who in turn make us feel our own quirky, unique traits are something to showcase, celebrate and love, not filter out.

And when it comes to our own fashion style, wouldn't it be liberating to simply embrace our individuality this year, wear what we love however strange as long as it flatters us, and have fun with shapes and colour to find our own inner quirkiness in the most stylish way! 

Here at Plume Boutique we stock the latest trends each season but we carefully selected individual styles from hundreds of options in each designer collection to offer styles that we know our customers will love for their beautiful if sometimes strange design, shape flattery and fresh print and colour.  Refreshingly alternative from most high street chain store offerings, often at similar prices yet better quality, sometimes it even pays to be different!

So this year we are celebrating the unusual, eclectic and strange - a lot more liberating and fun we think. Because, as Bowie himself sang, "CH-CH-CH-CH-CHANGES, turn and face the strange".  Well Bowie and Prince knew all about that, and we are still using their wonderful strangeness for inspiration in fashion - didn't Bowie invent the contouring craze anyway?!